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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jamaica Holiday

Its nearly a year since I last posted and just as the world was breathing a big sigh of relief, here I am again.

Last May I Went with my wife (she's Jamaican) to Jamaica for a 2 week holiday and were fortunate to travel through the cockpit country to visit relatives. it was an absolutely glorious journey through jungle clad volcanic landscape, up,down,up,down etc. The roads were horrific but then the shear volume of water that falls and flows off the mountains rips up the tarmac and makes it a land fit only for landrovers. But we didn't see one!

The last time we travelled through JA was in '78 and the differences were subtle. This time it wasn't possible to run over chickens and goats in the road (there wasn't any). Every shack that sold anything had a plaque saying Digicell Top Up and everywhere were carwashes, a bucket of water in the backyard. It was noticeable that the people who comlained most about the increasing lack of self reliance (re. grow your own food) and dependance on cash were the most right wing and pro big business. The irony was lost on them.

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