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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Patronising Crap

Reading the Guardian at lunch time specifically about the US election, our two electricians decided to have a conversation intended to draw me in and showed themselves to be the most patronising and stupid bastards.
They had discovered, just as I was going off to have a new knee fitted, that my wife was black, but have chosen to not let me know that they know. Probably a safety devise as they worry about what they have said in the past. It’s a shame really as I would have loved to hear their undiluted remarks about Obama’s election. As it was I was treated to the most condescending stupid crap ever.
How about this to make your bowels move. ‘Can we call it the White House now? It’s not very PC.’ Or, ‘ How long before we get a muslim PM. They’ve got in councils because we’ve voted for them to show we’re not racist. We’re too soft, we should be hard. When we go abroard we have to abide by their laws. The Queens head is on our currency, she’s the ‘Defender of the Faith’ so everyone coming here should accept that.’
Normally I wouldn’t write about this kind of shit, but these are the kind of ‘mates’ I work with at the moment. Oh yes, how about this one. Just as I was leaving to go into hospital the electricians were talking about the regulations re installation of kitchen whitewear. (fridges, cookers, etc). One glanced at me saying, ‘maybe we should call it brownwear nowadays’.
Anyone out there thinking I’m redefining the word ‘crazy’?


  1. Mate, there's not much you can say to that shit. Commiserations on having complete witless bastards for workmates. Like your colleagues, I too have a few issues with heath-and-safety-box-ticking-PC bullshit that goes on in this country, but not one of the comments you recount rise beyond the trough of 'yoos aint from round these 'ere parts' yokel stupidity. Thanks for your comment on my blog. All the best fella.

  2. Thanks for the sympathy Graham. I've been trying to reply since you commented but failed. I've had to download firefox and now my laptop seems to be working properly. Cheers

  3. That does not sound too good. I hope you are not talking about the two guys that I know, but I guess you are...Because this is not what I expected of two adult men. But as you wrote above, some people will never be grown out.

  4. Thanks for the comment Tilman but yes I am talking about you know who. Unfortunatly it is exactly what I've come to expect but I long since stopped getting upset about it and am normally content to take the piss when the opportunity arises. And now of course I can create the opportunity!