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Thursday, 14 August 2008

'A' level results and other stuff

I was listening to Terry Wogan on the radio this morning (dare you admit to that?) talking about the latest A level results. The usual old chestnuts were trotted out. Are the exams getting easier? Are the pupils getting cleverer? Even I know that evolution doesn’t happen that fast. This sort of comment used to be published in the early 20th century. Poor old teachers, underpaid and overlooked. I understand that we are one of the few countries in the world that treats teachers with a general contempt and over the years I’ve listened to a lot of claptrap about them. If exam results were getting worse then I’d worry, and the professional commentators could have a justifiable field day.

I’ve copied this from the TGWU website and feel I’ve been living on another planet. I have never understood that my tips were being used for wages but it seems to have been sorted now.

'Waiters and waitresses across the country have won the battle for pay fairness following the announcement by the government that it will take action to close the legal loophole which allows companies to use tips and service charges to top up salaries to the minimum wage. The long running campaign by Unite the union has secured justice for workers in the hospitality industry in their fight for fair tips.'

I’ve been looking on the Learn Direct website and was impressed with their over 50’s section (50 is the new 30). Its well worth a look as there are articles on retirement worries, mentoring, job satisfaction etc.

And today’s bit of humour is: A long time ago I was working in a mill (on Tilbury Docks) when a fitter asked me to pass over his hammer. I slid it over the floor to him and he was upset. “Don’t slide it over the floor. I’ve had that hammer 20 years, it’s had 3 new heads and 5 new shafts”. Where do they come from?

I’m in hospital tomorrow having a new knee fitted so it will be a few days before I get to post again. I'm told I will be given a spinal block, will be awake, its a bit carpentryish. Apprehension, Apprehension, Apprehension.............

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